Perfect Night for Stargazing

Lake Metroparks Lake Erie Bluffs Observation Tower

Last night I drove out to one of my favorite parks in the Lake Metroparks system, Lake Erie Bluffs. Situated high on the bluff, the park has walking trails and beach access.  A couple years ago, Tec worked with I A Lewin, PE and Associates to complete the engineering for the 50 ft observation tower at the east end of the park. 

It was a perfect night for stargazing - clear skies and a cool 65 degrees and the stars were bright. The Milky Way was visible, but to my back in the shot above. 

Learn How a Relighting Project in Cleveland became an Adventure into the Rainforest for Tec Project Team

LD+A, the magazine of Illumination Engineering Society (IES), explores a high profile project in University Circle and reveals the adventures and challenges that were overcome for the relighting of The Eleanor Armstrong Smith Glasshouse at the Cleveland Botanical Garden. A collaboration of Tec Inc. Engineering & Design and Tec Studio Inc., this was a unique opportunity for our team given the limited number of these types of facilities around the country. 

Read more on how the team made the Glasshouse sparkle again in LD+A's July issue.

Garden of Cleveland | LD+A; July 2018 (p. 37)

Courtney Van Ostran, CPSM named Director of Marketing for Tec

  Courtney van ostran,  cpsm

Courtney van ostran, cpsm

Tec Inc. is excited to introduce Courtney Van Ostran, CPSM as Director of Marketing. Courtney is an industry veteran with 20 years experience in A/E/C marketing. Courtney will be based in our Columbus (Monks) office. In her role, she will develop strategy and initiatives to unify the Tec Inc. Engineering & Design and Monks Engineers brands and build awareness of the firm throughout Ohio and the region. 

An active member of SMPS Columbus, Courtney has held several positions on the board, including Chapter President. She is also involved in the planning of the Heartland Regional Conference. 

We look forward to Courtney's contributions towards the growth of Tec and Monks. Courtney can be reached by phone at 614.267.4928 or by email: cvanostran @ 

With Courtney's addition to the company, Adam Kilbourne will become the Managing Director of Tec. A role focused on business administration. 


Tec Studio Inc. receives State of Ohio EDGE Certification




Tec Inc. affiliate company, Tec Studio Inc. received EDGE Certification from the State of Ohio, after almost a year of filing the application and providing necessary information to the State.

Encouraging Diversity, Growth and Equity (EDGE) Program

The State of Ohio’s Encouraging Diversity, Growth and Equity (EDGE) program establishes an annual goal for state agencies, boards and commissions, as well as guidelines for state universities in awarding contracts to certified EDGE businesses. The EDGE program is designed to assist socially and economically disadvantaged businesses in obtaining state government contracts in the following areas: construction, architecture and engineering; professional services; goods and services; and information technology services. (In contrast to the Minority Business Enterprise program, the EDGE program does apply to construction contracts.) The State of Ohio developed the program because it recognizes the need to encourage, nurture, and support the growth of economically and socially disadvantaged businesses to foster their development and increase the number of qualified competitors in the marketplace.

Tec Studio was opened in 2013. We felt there was project opportunity available to an independent firm that may not be available as a service within the engineering firm.  Tec Studio is majority owned by women, allowing for diversity certifications including EDGE, WBENC, and Women Owned Small Business Enterprise (WOSB).


woman owned.jpg

Lemons to Lemonade, A Story of Corporate Evolution

The saying goes, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Several months ago, Tec was given some lemons and what could have been considered a sour situation has become some really great lemonade.  So here's the story…

The Lemons Come

About six months ago, two long-tenured electrical engineering professionals left our organization and in the wake of their departure, left a hole in our project management staffing capabilities. Already feeling the weight of many projects, our Director of Electrical Engineering knew that our clients would suffer if we didn't come up with a solution that looked to the future and wasn't just a quick fix.

Initially we thought to advertise for senior level electrical engineers. This produced a large amount of resumes, mostly entry level and mostly mechanical engineering.  Not quite what we were searching for.

Our next thought was to hire a headhunter, but before investing valuable dollars, we turned the light on our existing staff (couldn't resist throwing in a lighting reference) and came up with a plan to utilize the resources we already had and make lemonade from those lemons.

Making Lemonade

Three names emerged. All three were electrical engineers. All three were seasoned employees with ten years experience under their belts. We are delighted to share that Chris Bayda, Steve Bohn, and Brandon Sargent, PE, LEED AP BD+Chave all been promoted to Engineer II (Project Engineer) and are providing project oversight services to our clients.

Chris Bayda

Chris has been with Tec since 2006. He enjoys working directly with clients and being involved in every step of the project process. He specializes in retail projects having completed the electrical design for more than 500 Circle K stores. Furthermore, Chris has served as the project manager on more than 200 of those 500 projects!


Steve Bohn

Steve, celebrating 10 years with Tec, started his career as a mechanical engineer in the automotive industry. Since joining the team, he's transitioned to the light side (pun intended) and provides electrical engineering and project management for clients such as Lubrizol, Lakeland Community College, and The Ohio State University.


Brandon Sargent

Brandon, who joined Tec right out of college is our Spartan Warrior having set some lofty career goals a few years back that included: obtaining LEED AP accreditation, passing the FE and PE exams, and move up from an entry-level engineer to project engineer. Brandon even listed the length of time it would take! As of May 2017, Brandon has officially accomplished all those goals with the last check-mark in the PE certification column. Brandon's projects include: The SPIRE Institute Track & Field Building, Gannon University Carneval Athletic Pavilion, and the Parker-Hannafin Downtown Cleveland YMCA.

Our lemonade was off to a great start, but we still needed another ingredient or two.

Sweetening the Mix

Remember those resumes we received? Several of them were too good to ignore and so we welcome to the team: Michael Ferrante (Mechanical Engineer) and Nicholas Kar (Electrical Engineer).

Michael Ferrante

Michael has a BS from the University of Cincinnati in Mechanical Engineering. Although, at the time, we weren't actively looking for a mechanical engineer, we can't imagine life without him. Prior to joining Tec, Michael served as an intern for the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, Exact Metrology Inc., and Moen, Inc.


Nicholas Kar

Nicholas (or Nick as he's known around the office) earned his BS in Biological Engineering from The Ohio State University. His work experience includes Mevion Medical Systems, Henkels & McCoy, Inc., and Renovo Neural, Inc. Currently working under the guidance of Steve Bohn, Nick is a quick study learning the ins and outs of electrical engineering focused on building systems rather than biological systems.

Although we've taken a light-hearted approach to sharing these promotions and new hires, we are absolutely serious in our CONGRATULATIONS to every one of these individuals and thank them for the ongoing contributions they make to the successful outcome of our clients' projects.

Want to extend your personal congratulations to any of the team members listed above? Please feel free to leave a line or two in the comments section below.


A 6-Date Salute to Combat Engineers

The name Richard Gridley may not be familiar to many, so this Memorial Day we share a bit of military-focused engineering history as our way of thanking, saluting, and paying respect to all the great engineers who have dedicated their engineering talents--and given their lives-- to protect the liberties we all enjoy as citizens of this great nation.

Date 1: June 16 1775

Colonel Richard Gridley, along with his two assistants was appointed General George Washington’s chief engineer given unofficial birth to what would later be known as the Army Corps of Engineers

Date 2: 1779

Congress creates a separate Army Corps of Engineers that was comprised of mostly French subjects hired from Louis XVI by George Washington to build fortifications near Boston at Bunker Hill

Date 3: March 16, 1802

The Army Corps of Engineers becomes a separate, permanent branch of the government because of the Military Peace Establishment Act signed by President Thomas Jefferson. It is responsible for founding and operating the US Military Academy at West Point.

Date 4: December 1862

Six ponton bridges to support the Union attack on Fredericksburg were laid across the Rappahannock River under heavy, and devastating gunfire from the South.

Date 5: WWII

Although they had nearly 150 years of experience in wars as well as non-military civil projects, the Corps of Engineers found they were not equipped for the events unfolding in Europe during WWII. New technologies and tactics employed by the Germans made it necessary for change and so Congress appropriated more funds for our national defense that provided the army—and engineers—to prepare for this new kind of warfare and thus the term "combat engineers" was born. The primary objectives of combat engineers was--and still is--to keep the army moving towards attack while impeding an enemy advance. Some functions include:

  • Construction/deconstruction of roads, rails, and bridges
  • Building barracks, depots, and similar structures
  • Water supply and sanitation
  • Laying beach roads, unloading/loading supplies, vehicles, and personnel from transports in order to land on and maintain a beachhead in hostile territory
  • Map production
  • Mine warfare including the defusing of mines
  • Establishing supply/ammunition dumps, and
  • Clearing of rubble, debris, and obstructions

Date 6: May 28, 2017

Today, the United States Army Corps of Engineers is a division of the Department of Defense and is made up of approximately 37,000 civilian and military personnel, providing engineering services in more than 130 countries, making it one of the world’s largest public engineering, design, and construction management agencies.

We, at Tec Inc. Engineering & Design, thank all our military personnel--with an extra nod to our kinsmen in engineering--for your service to our country.

God Bless the USA.

Tamara Zupancic, Marketing Manager

Submitted by Tamara Zupancic, Tec's Marketing Manager and Lead Cheerleader.

Ardra Paige Zinkon Earns Prestigious CLD Certification

Ardra Zinkon, President of Tec Studio has earned the Certified Lighting Designer (CLD), the first international, evidence-based certification in architectural lighting design. Ardra is among the first lighting designers in the world—and is presently the only lighting designer in Ohio—to earn the new international certification, which demonstrates that she has a proven track record of excellence and has successfully validated her skill to a rigorous assessment process that define high standards of professional practice. 

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The Need for Speed

For anyone working on a computer, a slow computer can be a great source of aggravation, especially when deadlines loom near. Many times, the computer is blamed for being too old. However, another cause could be the reason for the turtle speed: the data cable used to communicate with the computer. The rating of the low voltage cable installed to workstations has an impact on the speed of data that can be sent to and received from the network server or internet router. 

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Don't Let Your Building Automation System Take Down the Internet

The term, Internet of Things (IOT) refers to the ecosystem of internet-connected devices that make our lives easier. For example, you can close your garage door from the office, adjust the temperature in your house from the airport, and even turn the lights on for the dog sitter while you sip a Mai Tai on the beach. The IOT seems great at first glance, but a deeper look shows that it has also opened the door to a whole new threat: mini computer cyber attacks.

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Promotions at Monks Engineering, LLC

Please join us in congratulating Jon Alexander and Nicole Reed, Tec’s most recent team members to be recognized for their leadership and contributions to the organization. Both Jon and Nicole joined Tec's family as part of the recent merger with W.E. Monks & Co. Engineers a Columbus-based engineering firm providing electrical, HVAC, plumbing, geothermal design, technology systems, energy auditing and sustainable design, to clients in health care, higher education and industrial sectors. W.E. Monks is now a subsidiary of Tec Inc. known as Monks Engineering, LLC. 

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