Case Study | SPIRE Institute Aquatic Center Lighting

Lighting is key component that, during the design, requires significant considerations for both swimmer comfort and maintenance. For safety, swimmers, coaches and lifeguards need a facility that is well lit, free of shadows and glare. Swimmers and divers can also be distracted by hot spots from light fixtures above the water.

After exploring several possible options for lighting the pool, Tec Lighting Designer, Ardra Zinkon, incorporated a relatively new Liteguide fixture mounted over water. The Liteguide is a translucent polycarbonate tube lined with an optical lighting film, directing the light and evenly distributing through the tube.

The Liteguide fixture is easy to maintain. Approved for wet locations, the polycarbonate tubes are not susceptible to corrosion, and by locating illuminators on the end of the tubes above the pool deck, the lamps are easily accessible by lift when replacement is needed.