Case Study | Heidelberg University France Hall Electrical Improvements

France Hall is a 1925 vintage signature building on the campus of Heidelberg University. Although ongoing efforts have been made over the years to maintain the facility and provide necessary safety related improvements, a survey conducted by Tec Inc. in July of 2010 revealed a number of electrical conditions that required immediate resolution. Recognizing France Hall is programmed for a major renovation in the not too distant future the University requested the proposed improvements repair those items that pose a safety concern to students and staff.

In conjunction with the University’s Facilities and Engineering Department the most critical items were identified, a budget was developed and an engineering solution was authorized to proceed with the goal of completing the required improvements prior to fall classes. With a streamlined engineering approach and great effort on the contractor’s part and cooperation of all parties involved the University received occupancy of the building the afternoon before students moved in.

While this is not the grandest of projects, nor the most aesthetic design solution it provided a permanent remedy for a serious safety issue at the University quickly in a very cost effective manner, providing a safer environment for tomorrow’s leaders.