Case Study | Cleveland Public Library TechCentral Modular Floor for Technology

TechCentral is Cleveland Public Library’s destination for computing and emerging technologies. Located in a renovated basement space of the Main Library—formerly the lower level teen section—TechCentral is designed to provide the community a place to discover new technology and learn how to use it. Equipped with more than 90 computers and other electronic devices for public use, TechCentral required significant infrastructure improvements to support the IT needs.

Tec was instrumental in the specification of the modular raised flooring system that provides adequate clearance for power and IT cabling, while minimizing impact to the existing architecture. The floor is elevated 2 inches allowing architectural features such as doors to remain unmodified, saving time and money in the renovation.

A project like this demonstrates just one of the ways we are able to utilize innovative products and technologies to save time, money and energy.