Agilysys Executive Office
Solon, Ohio

A warehouse building shell was finished into a 100,000 square foot office space for the Executive team and support staff of Agilysys.  The inside of the building is 42 feet high.  This tremendous volume of space created challenges for the design team.  A building originally intended as a warehouse had to be converted into a comfortable office space. In order to relocate the staff and complete the construction on schedule the project was completed in three phases over seven months.  The first phase was to complete the installation of utilities and pour the floor. The second phase included 20,000 square feet of office space, designed and constructed in 2 ½ months.  The third phase continued the private and open offices along with the unique spaces such as casual conferencing, cafeteria and multi-purpose room.

Tec Inc. completed the electrical engineering and lighting design. An underground electrical duct system  allows flexible use of the space. The underground system provides access to electricity, telephone and computer cabling. Partitions can be used to reconfigure a space without installing additional power sources.

Compact fluorescent downlights and pendants are installed in the common areas.  Linear direct/indirect fixtures are installed in the open office areas.  Light reflected off the ceiling provides even illumination throughout the space.  Decorative sconces are used on some of the high colored walls and on the columns in corridors throughout the building.